Course curriculum

    1. Zoom Link for LIVE's

    2. Join the Facebook Community

    1. A. Welcome to the Squad

    2. B. Program Overview: DWA Squad: Productivity Mastery Program

    3. C. Navigating Thinkific Platform

    1. Avatar of Ideal Client Avatar

    2. Basics of Productivity in Business

    3. DISC Personality Test

    4. B. Tools and Techniques for Efficient Time Management

    5. C. Live Q&A - Overcoming Productivity Barriers

    1. Social Media for Business

    1. Design a Graduation Stole in Canva Guest Teacher Lady Crystal Hale

    2. Dalle 3 Prompt example

    3. Social Media Tracker Workbook

    4. When to sale your crafts and custom items

    5. Places to get free Stock Images

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